To Healthcare Professionals

Rescheduled: “2019 JBCRG Annual Meeting” and “10th JBCRG Educational Meeting”

We are pleased to announce that “2019 JBCRG Annual Meeting” and “10th JBCRG Educational Meeting” are rescheduled and will be held on 15th Feb, 2020.

*  These meetings are intended for breast cancer research education and information sharing, and targeted to healthcare professionals and research assistants related to JBCRG.


The main theme of the Educational Meeting is “Revolution of diagnosis and treatment for breast cancer through artificial intelligence and precision medicine”.

Also, a special lecture “Utilization of REDCap in clinical research” is planned at the Annual Meeting (program for medical professionals only).


The application form and the programs have been sent by e-mail to the target audience. Please confirm them for details.


Looking forward to see you at the meetings.